Sunday, 22 July 2012

First anal fuck after Suhagrat

This is Saroj Sharma from Rajasthan. I got so many inspiring, good comments on my previous real story “My suhagrat”, that I am submitting this real story of my first Anal (Ass) Fucking. For new readers of ISS, who did not read my previous story I want to tell them that I am recently married Post Graduate girl of 25 doing Govt service. My height is 5ft 6inches and vital statistics as 36-26-36. I have sexy features and always wear sex provoking dresses in home. My husband is highly sex loving person having a strong appetite for sex, and I, too, give my best cooperation to him in fucking. We both use dirty sexy language during fucking for getting more sex stimulation

After 4th day of my Suhagrat, my husband brought 2 blue film CD, and said to me, “I have brought a very sex stimulating stuff will you like to see”. I said “yes.” He made CD player On and inserted a CD in it. I was curious because till now I have never seen a blue film. He sat on sofa with me keeping me closest to him. In CD there was a man who was fucking a women in all her orifice, i.e. E. In her choot, mouth and gaand. I became very hot seeing these scenes and in excitement I caught the Lund of my husband. He also took me in his arms and hugged me very tightly. “MERI CHAPPANCHHURI AAJ MAIN TUMAHRI GAAND KA MAZA LENA CHAHTA HUN” he said. I said “ok chodu raja, do whatever you like with my body”. He said “I heard that Punjabi girls are very crazy of anal fucking so this was my fantasy from my studentship that I will anal fuck any Punjabi girl. So please become a Punjabi girl by changing to Punjabi shalwar suit, tab main tumahri GAAND MARUNGA.” I understood now why my husband asked me before marriage that I should get stitched some Punjabi style shalwar suits. I pulled off my georgette orange sari, blouse and petticoat from my body and picked a very sexy shalwar suit. It was made of shining fabric of parrot green color. I wore it in front of my hubby without panties.

Now I was looking a Punjabi Patakha kudi. Seeing me in this dress, he said “hay meri chuddakar randi kitni katil lag rahi ho, sach gaand marne ka pura maza aayega.” He pulled me in his lap, I felt that his lund was erected hard and piercing my ass. He squeezed my choochiyan and spanked on my ass, saying “kya chootar hain meri chhamiya randi ke.” I said to him “bolo mere lode raja kaise shuru karoge, your randi is ready for anal fucking”. He asked me to stand keeping my hand on the edge of double bed and stand like a GHODI widening my feet in A shape. Then he withdrew the nada of my shalwar and pulled it out The knot of my shalwar got opened, and my Reshmi Shalwar slipped down to my feet. He raised the back portion of my Qameez up to my waist and applied some Vaseline on the opening of my GAAND and also inserted a little inside my rectum. He also lubricated his rock hard LUND and then held me by my slim waist. Keeping his LUND on the orifice of my GAAND. He said ‘’tayyar ho ja meri chuddakr chamiya randi, lund raja ki sawari aati hai, aaj tujhe GANDU RANDI banaunga”.

Saying so he gave a violent push. Due to well lubrication of our organs, his half lund buried into my GAAND and I simultaneously felt such pain that in spite of my all efforts I screamed loudly. “hayyyy mar gayeeeee meri gaand fat gayee lagti hai. I can not tolerate this pain, please withdraw your lund out.” But he was mad in excitement. He forgot every thing and after taking out his lund a bit out he again gave a mighty push into my gaand. This time his total Lund buried into my tight Gaand. There was so much pain in my gaand that tears came out from my eyes and I started weeping. But he was so mad in sexual excitement that he did not care of my weeping and without withdrawing his lund he started giving in-out strokes in my Gaand. Gaand mein se dard ki lahre uth kar mere sare sharer mein fal rahi thee. Lag raha tha gaand fat gayee hai ya fat jayegi. Besides, I was also feeling a strong toilet pressure. I requested again and again to him but he said “bahut maza aaraha hai meri gandu randi bas thodi der aur, tumhe ye lund jhelna hi hai”. I was screaming in pain but soon he reached to orgasm and discharged his load into my rectum. His lund was throbbing inside my rectum and shooting his sperms with jerks. He stopped keeping my gaand plugged with his lund. I gave a outward jerk to my hips and his lund slipped out from my gaand. I saw his lund was smeared with my shit. I was feeling so severe toilet pressure that I rushed to toilet and sit on pot. I discharged enough shit but toilet pressure was not going. It seems that more and more shit will have to come out. But that was a false toilet pressure due to irritation of my rectum canal. My gaand was burning and etching severely.

I came out from toilet, and said “what you did today raja. I was not expecting that you may be so cruel to me, today you did not fuck me but gave me a torture.” Now he had come to sense and understood my condition. He said “I was not knowing that anal fucking is so painful to women.

He asked sorry repeatedly. And went to toilet for washing his shit covered lund. After performing first Guda-Mathun with me when my husband observed that I am having severe pain in my pelvic region he became too much worried. We both were thinking what happened wrong as in blue film cds women were normal during Guda mathun But fact is that they get a pretty good remuneration for acting, so they do whatever film directors want them to do Any way I took some pain killers tablets and did rest. . I remained unable to have sex with my husband for next two days. After 2 days my pain subsided.

At evening I logged on to internet and surfed many websites on Un-natural Intercourse. I found there that as Gaand is not meant for sex so its wall remains dry unlike choot which secrete liquid to lubricate its wall. So when lund inserts in gaand and to and fro motion is done by male partner, rectal canal wall get abrasion and thus irritates, which cause false toilet pressure to female partner. Moreover as bowels may have shit in it, there will be danger of bacteria which remains in shit and may cause infection to lund. For a pleasing and safe ANAL FUCKING it was advised that before attempting GUDA-MATUN, female partner should take dettol soap enema to clean her rectal canal from shit and then lubricate her Gaand hole very well with Vaseline. This will well lubricate the Gaand’s opening and its inner walls. Male partner should also well lubricate his lund by K Y Jelly (Vaseline) before insertion and female partner should make loose her anal mussels TO ITS MAXIMUM for easy penetration. AND MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT LUND LENGTH IS BIGGER THAN ANAL CANAL LENGTH (only apprx 3 inch) SO DO NOT TRY TO FORCE TOTAL PENETRATION OF LUND IN GAAND. Strokes should also be mild.

Next time, We both followed these instructions and it resulted almost a painless GUDA MATHUN. Now we both are pleased and do this act frequently. My husband instructed me that whenever I am ready for GUDA MATHUN I should wear Punjabi Shalwar Qameez; he will then understand that I am ready and Now he can do GUDA MATHUN with me. Now we do Guda Mathun every alternate day in the morning or when my hubby is willing for it.

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