Monday, 2 July 2012

Wife Fucked By Strangers

Hi readers, I am new to this site but I wanted to share my true story I am Siddhartha married to Jyoti. Basically we belong to middle class family and we are staying with my parents in single bed room house. My wife is so beautiful fair and 5.3 height and we are very much happy married couple. But we both are not satisfied in sexual life because our house is too small and we can’t do sex in all positions.
Now I wanted to begin my story which happened last year. As I said we both are not satisfied with our sexual life, we both desperately wanted to have hard sex, so we both decided to go to some lodge and have hard sex but I refused because of safety from hidden camera. Jyoti suggested that we should go out of city where nobody can see us and we can have hard and open sex. One day we both went out of city
We reached spot but because of open area I was little upset, but Jyoti started kissing me desperately. I was not in a mood but Jyoti need a hard fuck, I have not opened her cloths fearing if some body saw us then what will happen. But Jyoti is out of control and she started removing her top and jeans, now she is only on bikini, seeing that I also started kissing and sucking her boobs on her bra.

Within half an hour my fear comes true, two men came near us and started teasing us, I was in fear but still jyoti unaware of other men she wanted me to fuck. Seeing that they thought we are not husband wife. Then both started touching her body, by then she stopped and wants to wear her clothes, but they took her cloths and teasing both of us. One of the removed knife from pocket and told me to sit quite, one man brought auto there.
They are auto rickshaw drivers, and they come for drinks and party, they brought drinks also. They asked our name and introduced them selves as imran and sohel. Sohel told me if we did all what ever they say then they will not fuck my wife they only want jyoti should dance naked in front of them while they are drinking. We both agreed and we don't have other choice also. Sohel told me to sit in auto and tied my hand they both opened bottles and started music and they told her to dance.
After some time they both also started dancing with her, jyoti is dancing like bar dancer and she is enjoying that also, seeing that i am also enjoying. Now both are started touching her assets and amazingly jyoti not refusing them, she is enjoying that because she is in hard sex mood. Both Imran and Sohel now full drunk and touching her beast and ass, Imran rubbing her ass vigorously. Jyoti is looking like slut now.
Sohel took her in his arms and kissed her, I want to stop them but she is also not refusing and I am also enjoying the show of my wife. they both started kissing her, Imran opened her bra and panty within a second and imran asked her to open his dress and suck his cock, which she did without asking me, see is in hard sex mood so so removed both mans dress and started sucking Imran cock
And Sohel sucking her beautiful 34 size boobs and put one finger in her pussy. Jyoti sucked both cocks for half an hour, then Imran told her to sleep and inserted his big 7'' cock inside her which she never experienced, Imran inserted his cock in one shot and started fucking her so fast and Sohel inserted his cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth so fast.
After some time they both came, and both changed there position and again fucked her. This happened for another half an hour and them both cum again and slept on her body. Now jyoti looks completely satisfied which I never did in my 4 years married life. Jyoti thought its finished but sohel got up and made her in doggie style and want her to fuck her ass, I never fucked her in ass, actually her ass is virgin till today but he want that virgin ass.
Jyoti is completely tired but she agreed to do again in her ass because she wanted ass fuck but I never liked ass fucking, Sohel inserted his cock in her ass in one shot, which she screamed in pain. Sohel started fucking her ass so fast, and she is screaming loudly in pain, seeing that virgin ass imran cock also erected and he is also got ready for another session. This time sohel fucked her ass for 20 minutes and cum in her ass.
Immediately Imran pulled her on him and inserted his cock in her ass, he fucked for 5 minutes and Sohel cock also erected and he inserted his cock in her pussy they both want her to fuck at a time, they both started fucking her both holes so fast and Jyoti is screaming in pain but she enjoying the show after some time they both cum and again they had drinks and went away after all stuff jyoti was full satisfied and taken there phone numbers for another fuck session. She is very happy and I also enjoyed the show, this is my true story, Please mail me if you want to know more naughty story of my wife. Thanks

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