Sunday, 22 July 2012

Juicy Story about My Aunt

This is a juicy story about my aunt. I was doing my tenth standard. After I finished my tenth standard I had to go to town for higher studies, because my parents were very eager to make me an engineer or a doctor. But I had no such goals and I was roaming the village without any tensions in my mind. I was very perverted at such a young age, I use to smoke, peep into girls or aunties bathroom while they were bathing, watch BF and lot of other mischievous stuffs. But I was clever and I knew how to escape if I get caught. I had such an innocent face. No one will believe if someone says I did something mischievous. My parents had a lot of faith in me so they were least bothered about what others said about me. But one day everything went wrong. Our building was very tall compared to other buildings, so other houses in our village were clearly visible from our terrace. I had the habit of peeping into our neighbor’s bathroom every day when Nirmala aunty comes to take bath. Not only her, all aunties in that building used to bath in that bathroom. The toilet had no roof, so I was able to watch all aunties naked. One day I was doing the same thing and my mother caught me. Later my parents realized that whatever the villagers and neighbor’s told about me was in fact true and they decided to send me to town for further studies. They knew that if I was there with them I will learn some more bad habits and spoil their name. So they sent me to Bangalore to Ashok uncle’s house.
I had to obey whatever they said because all the allegations against me were proven and I had no word to speak against them. The only sad feeling I had while leaving the village was “I couldn’t see Nirmala aunty bathing again in my life”. Being in village throughout my life, the city was very different for me. People were neatly dressed, eat food with spoon, and apply cream to face etc… In our village no one cared about how they look or how others look. So I thought life will be very hard for me there. Finally, Dad and I reached Ashok uncles house. Ashok uncle got married recently and had a baby boy. He was getting ready for his office. He and dad had a little talk and they both left together in his car. He had a beautiful wife, her name was Savitha. I was good in guessing a women’s breast size by just looking at them. Since she had a baby, her boobs were huge and hanging. My guess was 38. Few days later Ashok uncle joined me in a nearby government college. I was simply going to the college so that he won’t complain about me to my dad. Ashok was a manager in some company. He used to go on business trips often to negotiate business deals leaving his wife alone. But now I was there with her. Savitha aunty was very caring and she used to look after me as if I’m her own son. Sometimes I felt her better compared to my own mother and I use to imagine her just like my mom. I cursed myself for fantasizing about her. Since we were together most of the time, we developed a kind of mother son bond. I started respecting her a lot and helped her with her daily activities because her hands were full because of the newborn baby. Ashok uncle was relaxed because I was there to help her when he is out. He even appreciated me sometimes for helping her. I changed a lot in a single month; I left all my bad habits and started concentrating on my studies. But still, my past behaviors were controlling me to some extent. Savitha aunty used to breast feed her baby most of the time but in her room closing the door. I used to knock the door before entering the room. But sometimes I used to forget the manners and open the door just like the way I used to do in my village. But Savitha aunty knew that I did it by mistake and took it very easily. This happened many times and I happened to see her milk filled breasts. One day I came back from college and washed my face. I was looking for my towel but couldn’t find it. So I went to Savitha aunt’s room. The door was partially closed. I opened the door; there was an empty milk bottle on the table. Next to it I saw Savitha aunty and her baby on the bed sound asleep. It was very peaceful and I thought of getting a glimpse of the small baby boy. He was looking very beautiful just like Ashok uncle and I thought of leaving the room. Before leaving I turned once to look at Savitha aunty, her front portion of the nighty was unbuttoned and a pink nipple was standing out. I felt an immediate shame and looked away. But as I said before, my past behaviors were still controlling me. I went to hall and tried to keep myself busy by watching TV. But my mind was dragging me back to the scene which I saw there. It was telling me this “You fool, you won’t get such a chance again in your life. You are not going to do anything wrong, just have a look at those milky breasts and imagine”. I was convinced by my filthy sole and I again entered the room. They were still sleeping in the same way I saw them before. Savitha aunty was sleeping with one of her boobs hanging outside her bra. I stood near the door and enjoyed seeing the scene. Suddenly Savitha aunty turned a little and her boobs got exposed even more, my eyes were feasting on the scene and unknowingly my dick started popping out. I couldn’t control it; I rushed to the bathroom immediately and masturbated to relieve the pressure exerted by my semen filled cock. It was unusual; I released a lot more semen than I usually did and collapsed on the floor completely fainted. Next day, I realized my mistake and promised myself not to do it again. That day I came back from college and was watching TV in the hall. Aunty came along with her baby and sat on the other sofa. She opened her nighty in front of me and started breast feeding her baby. I felt embarrassed and told her “Aunty shall I leave?” She replied, “Raju breast feeding is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing to be ashamed of. You are like my son, don’t get embarrassed next time, when I’m breast feeding”. I nodded my head and turned my face towards the TV. But I was restless and tried to get at least a few glimpse of her naked breasts. I was turning around often. “Raju watch TV, don’t stare at me”, she replied with a loud voice. I couldn’t say anything and I immediately left the room. That day, Ashok was getting ready to some business trip to Mumbai. He told us that he will be back in four days and asked me to help look after Savitha aunty and his new born baby. He left and I was back home, dropping him in the bus stand in his bike. It was getting late, so I went to sleep. It was mid night and I heard someone crying. I was very sleepy so I ignored it. After some time, I felt like going for a piss and went to toilet. I pissed and was passing by Savitha aunt’s room. I heard the same crying sound I heard a while ago. I knocked her door. Suddenly the crying sound stopped and she asked me to come in. When I entered the room, she asked me “What you want Rajesh?” “Aunty I heard someone crying, is there any problem, are you alright?” “Yes, I’m fine, now go to sleep Rajesh” “Aunty if you have any problem please tell me, I will help you”. “No Rajesh, it’s a women’s problem you can’t understand, now go to sleep”. Saying this she covered her face with bed sheet. I returned to my room and started sleeping. But questions were rising in my mind about why aunty was crying and what was that women’s problem she is not willing to share with me. I was turning and rolling around on the bed unable to sleep. Suddenly I heard aunty screaming, I rushed to her room and opened the door. Her top portion of the nighty was completely unbuttoned and both boobs were hanging out of her bra. She was crying by holding both her boobs in her hand. The baby was crying in front of her on the bed. I was totally confused and I had a stupid idea that the baby might have bite her nipples. She was crying in some kind of pain. She ignored my presence and tried to get the milk bottle from the table by holding both of her boobs in one hand. I reached quickly and took the bottle in my hand. She asked me to feed the baby with the milk in the bottle. As soon as I placed the milk bottle in the baby’s mouth, it stopped crying and started sucking happily. She asked me to close the door and come. She was not bothered about being half naked in front of me and the effect it had on me. Later, she asked me to sit beside her. She then explained the pain she was going through. Her baby had problem in breast feeding. Even after trying a lot the baby doesn’t suck on her nipples but had no problems feeding from a milk bottle. She had to squeeze her nipples to suck out the milk that gets accumulated in her breasts, to relieve the pressure and pain but it was very painful to do. She had this problem for a long time but did not tell anyone because it would represent her failure as a mother. She was holding her boobs tightly and crying in pain. I did not know what to do, suddenly I said aunty I can help you. “Rajesh, how can you help me, you don’t understand my problem”. “Aunty I will suck your boobs”. She was shocked by my reply and started looking at my face. I had no bad intentions in my mind; all I thought was just help her out somehow. She immediately pulled my head with her hands and placed my mouth on one of her nipples and asked me to suck. I started sucking her nipples; her boobs were huge, hanging, filled with milk. It had so much milk that it was overflowing from my mouth all over my chin. The milk was very sweat and dilute unlike the cow milk I usually drink. I was able to see her boobs completely popped out of her bra, I was able to see all the nerves on her boobs and they were really huge. I couldn’t make out how much milk she had in a single boob of her. I was still able to suck the same volume of milk that I sucked when I started. She took my head in her hand and placed my mouth to suck the other one. A fresh gush of milk entered my mouth and this time I had no control over it and it was flowing all over my neck and chin. I started sucking vigorously and her boobs were draining out of milk. She was relaxed and left her boobs hanging for me to suck. I sucked both her boobs until they were completely drained out of milk. After sucking for hours, her boobs turned normal. But I was still sucking. She did not resist me. After some time, she pulled my head forcefully and covered her breasts with the bed sheet. She asked me to clean myself and thanked me for the great help. I just smiled and stood there, she requested me to do the same at least thrice a day to get rid of her pain. I said OK and left her room. It was the luckiest day in my life. I sucked her boobs with her own permission and she asked me to repeat it. I closed the door and started masturbating imagining Savitha aunties’ boobs. I felt no guilt and I was enjoying it to the fullest. I released loads and loads of cum on the floor and collapsed on the bed. I thanked god for giving me such an opportunity to enjoy a women’s boobs. I slept happily that day. I woke up, it was morning 6 AM. Aunty was in kitchen. As soon as I entered the kitchen, she started “Rajesh please wash your mouth and come to my room, it’s paining a lot”. I brushed and entered her room. She was standing in front of the mirror. As soon as I entered, she started stripping. She removed her saree. My cock was growing seeing her in just a blouse and skirt. She noticed my hard on but did not make any comment on it. She turned towards me and unbuttoned her blouse; she was left with her bra. It was tight because her boobs were very bigger than the usual size. She turned around and requested me to unhook it. I felt like my head was light and had confusion whether it is really happening or a dream. She turned back and asked me again to unhook it. I approached her from behind. Looking her in bra was really turning me on; I placed my hand on her back and rubbed slowly to feel her body. Then slowly I unhooked her bra. My fully grown cock was touching her thighs from behind and she was trying to move a little whenever it touched her. I removed her bra and found shocked, my guess was perfect, her bra size was 38. Then she lay on her bed sitting against the wall. I approached her from front and started sucking very passionately. She was moaning in pleasure and I was sure she was enjoying it too. While I started sucking, I pushed her skirt up slowly and steadily so that she does not notice it. Then I placed my cock on her thighs and pressed it. She was not showing any resistance. I was searching to find her panties at the same time keeping her busy sucking. After some searching I found the panties. I pulled the skirt completely up so that her panties are completely visible. She was lost in the pleasure and was not aware of my actions. Later, I slowly pulled her panties down. She noticed it and started pulling me away. I pulled her panties down forcefully and kissed her lips leaving her unstable and confused. In the mean time I took my cock out and pushed it inside before she even knew it. She was protesting but I was not ready to leave her at any cost. I held her hands in mine tightly and pushed my fully grown rod as deep as I can. It penetrated through her pussy deep and she started screaming. She was pleading me to stop doing it, but it was making me hornier and I pushed it further. After some time she was not showing any protest and started squeezing her pussy against my cock. Her screams turned into moans and she started making lovely sounds. It was turning me crazy and I fucked her even harder. After fucking for minutes, I exploded in her like a volcano. I felt the juices flowing from mine to her and she was squeezing my cock to get as much as cum she can. All the fucking and sucking really drained my energy and I rolled over and fell asleep. I totally forgot about my college, by the time I remembered it was evening 4’O clock. I woke up to find Savitha aunty completely naked next to me. I was surprised to see her naked because I just pulled her panties down, she must have removed the remaining clothes herself to make herself more comfortable while fucking. I had a glimpse of her body once. Her face, no doubt very beautiful. Her boobs huge, hanging, white, milky always filled up with milk for me to suck. Her hips had no extra muscles unlike other women and then her pussy. Her pussy was the sexiest part of her whole body. There was a big bush, if not forest of dense pubic hairs. It was all the way from the bottom of her pussy till her stomach and it was stretched on either side of her hips. Her public hairs were very natural and I brushed my hand over them to feel the hairs. Then I reached to her pussy lips and licked it with my tongue. She was getting ready for another round; she pulled my head towards her pussy and pleaded me to do it more and more. My cock was back into its form and I rammed her pussy again. This time, she was giving return thrusts to make it more enjoyable. This time, too I released a lot of white juice in her pussy. As soon as I took my cock out, she held it in her hand and cleaned it with her tongue. Then she got up and went to bathroom. She took a bath and returned. She asked me to take bath and come to the hall to speak. I took a nice hot bath and went into the hall. She was sitting on the sofa completely disoriented. She looked at me and said, “look at all the mess you have created. I had a lot of faith in you and you spoiled everything. You fucked me twice and filled me with your seeds. Now tell me what I should do?” I said sorry aunty, please forgive me. She stood in front of me and slapped me saying “this is for pulling my panty without my permission”. One more slap saying, “fucking me without a condom”. Next one was not a slap but a beautiful kiss from her lips, saying for making me your slut. I was thrilled and started utilizing my opportunity by stripping her again. As soon as I stripped her, she pulled my head to her bush and asked me to suck it as hard as I can. Since it was my favorite I did the best and she was overwhelmed with my performance. I pushed her on the sofa and started fucking her like a dog. It was awesome, because while I was fucking her, her boobs were shaking vigorously and started bouncing. I got hold of them and sucked them from behind. She was dying in pleasure, rubbing her pussy with her fingers and moaned uncontrollably. As usual we ended up in a juicy climax. The next three days, she was naked most of the time with only her sacred thread left, getting fucked by me in all possible positions in all possible places in the house. Ashok uncle came back and we were really felt separated and longed for each other. When Ashok was in his room, I used to go to kitchen, enter my hands through her blouse and squeeze the nipples making her blouse completely wet. When Ashok is not home, I boldly pulled her skirt up and fucked her from behind without minding what she was doing. We were fucking like rats continuously. She started fearing that she may get pregnant. Then she planned to have sex with Ashok for some time, so that even if she gets pregnant no one will get doubt. Ashok uncle might have torn open her pussy for a week, she was looking very exhausted. Then after a week she was again ready for the slutty work. Once Ashok left home, she will come to my room naked and I fucked her. I even taught her how to give a blow job,
hand job. Anal sex also we tried but since it was very painful for her, we gave up the idea of anal fucking. After some weeks she missed her periods. She was pregnant. After that she had one more baby and my old job of sucking her milk was back. After sucking her milk out, I used to fuck her but now without a condom. I would have fucked her at least thousand times, I hope even Ashok has not fucked her so many times. Aunties’ milk is always available for me to suck, I will keep sucking it until I get married. Thank you Savitha aunty.

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