Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sucking Milk from Sexy Aunt

Dear friends, Iam senthil murugan from Chennai. It’s my pleasure to reveal my sex story with aunty. The story which iam going to tell is a real one which happened recently. This incident happened when I was at 25th age with 47 years old neighbor aunty. She was staying in the back portion room at my home. She and her husband only live in her house. She has one daughter who got married. She also has grand children’s. The most noted thing from her is, she gave birth to child at the age of 47. It is absolutely true. Her son is 1.5years old still having milk from her. She is so beauty and has little more than moderate skin color and robust. Though she was aged, she still looks like 30aged person. She always wears tight blouse with very light sarees. I was often admired with her dresses. I always felt so sexy often with her body sweating smell. That smell is so sweet. Her husband is working in private concern. That day when the incident happened, her husband went to do night duty job. One day, I was suffering from head ache and returned back to my home and started lying in the bed. It was around 11pm. That day, my parents had gone to attend one function. My parents told to the aunty to take care of me. I was moaning in headache. Aunty came near me and sat in the corner of the bed and pulled the blankets and asked me what happened senthil, I told her, head ache aunty. She asked me, have you taken any tablets. I said no. She said, I will give you tablets. She gave tablets and told me to take tablets along with liquid food.
At that time, no tea shops available. She asked me, senthil do you want to have milk after taking tablets, I told yes, I was wandering, how he could give milk as all shops were closed. Nothing we had at home. What she did is, she removed her saree in front of me, and unhooked her blouse. Then her bra hooks holded tightly which she was unable to unhook. She told me, senthil, try to unhook. I did so. Then she kept her boobs in to my mouth and said, senthil drink milk. I said what aunty? She told, still iam giving milk to my child, but today you drink. I suckled her nipples and drunken milk until my thirst relieved. I drunk from both her breasts. It was the first experience for me to drink milk. It was sooooo tasty. When I start suckled her nipples, she moaned, oohhhuhh. She was floating in sky. Slowly she starts kissing from head to bottom. I also kissed her. She pulled my hands and said, insert your finer in my pussy. I was also sexually excited very much with her body smell. I inserted my finger deeply. I inserted half of my tongue in to her pussy deep inside and tasted her pussy juice. That day my whole dream came to true When I was fucked her, my gum came out when I take my cock out. She tasted my gum also. Then we had enjoyed for whole day. After fucking, I washed my cock, and then we slept nude together in hugged condition till sunrise. In late tonight, I got sleep but she was still kissing my cocks by removing my cock foreskin. The another day, I went to her room, and took her to bed and removed her saree, petticoat, bra etc.. And drunk milk from her boobs. From the day onwards, daily whenever I saw her, I drank milk from her boobs. So if any body have a chance to drink milk, don’t miss it. It will be very tasty and experience once. This is my first experience.

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