Monday, 16 July 2012

My Wife's First Other Man

My wife is fine but not as active as she was before. I remember how she had another man for the first time but years ago! This man, Anup, a colleague of mine, was a handsome man. We were at an institute for a few months training when my wife turned up for a weekend. I could see that they immediately hit off! They talked a lot and when she bent down to pick up something from the floor.
She probably let her skirt ride up to her upper thighs! I was not sure because the view was blocked by Anup. Anyway, we decided to go to Nainital for the weekend and Anup said he would gladly join us. We went in a cab, the three of us sitting behind with my wife in the middle, and my three year old son and his nurse sitting in front. We rode up to Nainital, she pressing into him and saying something at every turn in the road!
At Nainital, we stayed at a Hotel, which sadly no longer exist now. But in those days the hotel was composed of twin cottages and we took one. The cottage consisted of two rooms and a bathroom-cum- toilet all in a row. The first room from the entrance consisted of a smaller room with a single bed, which Anup took. This was followed by a bigger room with a double bed, which we and the baby took with the nurse sleeping and a sofa cum bed behind us.
There was no door between Anup and us; only a curtain. We went out for a little sightseeing and dinner. My wife and Anup were walking a talking together like husband and wife while the nurse and I was behind, carrying my son. I was a little jealous and angry at that time, and feeling neglected but at I could feel myself aroused! She had said to me that I should give her permission for a night with Anup!

I did not know if it was for real or in jest. I was too inexperienced but it sure raised the latent feeling that I wanted to see her fucked by another man! After dinner when the baby had been put sleep and the nurse had retired, to my surprise, my wife sat on Anup’s bed, pulled his blankets on her and invited us to play a little game of cards!
We all sat on the bed but we not concentrated on the game as my wife, pretending she could not play it too well, kept on asking Anup about the rules of the game! I excused myself to go to the toilet and when I returned about 4 minutes later Anup was not there and my wife was standing with a Monalisa smile on her face! When I asked she put her hand to my mouth! Anup, out of sheer lust and desire had kissed her.
I had felt her thighs and then walked out of the room! I felt excited and did not know what to say or do. So I said it’s about time we turned in and asked her to call Anup, who was out in the garden. I put the dim lights on and put out the main light and got into bed next to the baby and waited for my wife. It was only later that I learnt when Anup had come in, he had kissed her again long and hard by the door and she had willing give herself to his kiss! 
A few minutes later she came to bed but sat up and kept asking Anup questions about the meaning of words like arman’ etc! She was only wearing a short negligee now. Anup’s room was by now quite dark as he answered softly. I did not know that he was at the foot of the bed, touching by wife’s thighs! My wife turned to me and said we should ask Anup to join us in bed!
I said no because of the baby! But I had not wanted another man sleeping with my wife and me! I was a little cheesed off but I had no experience then. Then my wife said he will tell Anup to go to sleep and promptly went to the darken room. After some time when she did not come back, I quietly got up and went to the curtains and peeped in the dim light I could make out that she was sitting next to him while he was lying down holding her by the waist.
She was say she had to go back while he mumbled something. I went back to bed. At that time I did not think she would sleep with him as she had never slept with another man but my heart was racing and the pounding in my chest kept me in a highly excited state. Also that in the thin walls of the adjoining room of the twin cottage a man was intently listening to all they were saying! I found this out the next morning.
After some time, when she had not come back, I peep again. She had disappeared! Apparently they had gone out of the room or were the large lump on the bed! Then suddenly I heard strange sounds on the bed!! I could hear I her gasping sounds interspersed by stifled screams. I could hear his loud sucking sounds also.
I wanted to see what was happening but I was nervous and frightened and did not know what to do. I went back to bed feeling angry that I could not do anything but at the same time feeling aroused and hot at the sounds form the other room! After some time there was quietness but she still had not come back. I was getting impatient when the baby began to cry!
I let the baby cry two or three times when she came back. She knelt to pick up the baby over me when I felt her Cunt. Oh my God!! She spread her legs a little bit more to make it better for me while she breast fed the baby. I had never felt her cunt so wet before! Not only her cunt but her upper thighs were wet also and she was still feeling hot. She had been fucked by another man!! I was angry but that was overcome by the great rush orgasmic feeling for her and I wanted to fuck her!
After few minutes, putting the baby to bed, she pulled me to her, whispering that Anup had just put it in and had come copiously and she had come back to be properly fucked by me! (It was only later that she told me that Anup had slipped out of her cunt because of the wetness and she had put it backing in and had got fucked to orgasm by Anup!) Anup was the first other man to fuck my wife, and I will always remember him. Regards and tell me how you it.

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