Monday, 9 July 2012

Real experience narrated by Nadini

I am nandini, a bengali housewife of 25 yrs age, mother of a son. I am fair complexioned little bit fatty (44-32-42) woman with medium black hair with a round face. I was introduced to iss by my husband prasun who works in a auditor firm and his works involves heavy nationwide touring. I have read many types of sex stories in iss, of which some seams to be real and some are seams to be fake. In many stories i read about husbands with desire to see his wife with strangers. Initially i thought that was all fake stories. But now with my personal experience i understood the reality in it. Now i want to share my personal experience how i became a nympho from a shy conservative village girl due to that type of desire of my husband. We are now leaving in a large district town in west bengal. Along with us my in-laws also leaves in a separate but opposite door flat. My hubby is the only child of them. We are well to do and enjoy our living. I got married with prasun when i was 20. I was from a very conservative rural family and also was very shy and use to consider any act of love or sex as sin before my marriage. I lost my virginity totally to pasun after about 20 days of our marriage (believe me its true). He never forced me do sex with him after our marriage. He was very much caring and was very charming at that time. Days were passing nicely, we went to honey moon in shimla where we had sex almost three to four times a day regularly. I was in heaven with my lovely husband. Life was passing by and i could not even dreamed about which is going to be happened in next few yrs. We enjoyed every thing in sex only excepting the days of his official tours which generally spans over 10-15 days.

Then i gave birth of my son. Actually prasun introduced me to iss when i was pregnant. First i was shocked. I thought him otherwise but he told that he can not have sex at that time so he masturbates by reading sex stories. I thought it natural and some time i also shagged him as he read the stories. I also got little bit addicted and used to read even in his absence. One thing surprised me that he always preferred either swap stories or man likes to see his wife with others type. But i did not pay any hit to it and that was my greatest blunder which made me a nympho in due course. However, i also used to get little bit horney by those stories. Prasun use to give me some contraceptive pills regularly after i became the mother of his son. It was summer time after my sons birth and my in-laws went to the home of my mils brother for a period of 10 days and prasun took earn leave for the period because my baby was only of 3-4 months of age. In-laws went on friday and it was sunday morning. My baby was sleeping in bed and i was in the kitchen making breakfast for both of us and prasun was reading newspaper in dining. The door bell rang and prasun went to attend. I asked him who was it and he told its vivek the milk man. Vivek was a typical bihari doodhwala of about 40-45 yrs age having a lots of black and white hairs both on head and chest. He had strong muscular figure with blackish complexion. He was in lungi and banian at that day and was standing outside the door with his large milk can. Prasun asked about the milk pot and i went out to give it to vivek. The milkman asked me about the monthly payment and i told him to ask it from prasun. Prasun told him to come inside the dining room as he was sweating outside and fan was on there. Prasun told the milkman to wait and went inside bed room to check the accounts and then to give him his payment. Suddenly there was a power failure and i came out of the kitchen rubbing the sweat on my face with the end portion of my saree. I suddenly noticed that the bihari milk man is staring at me with greedy eyes. I saw that i have revealed one of my breast out of saree covered only with a thin and fully wet yellow blouse. Due to the heat and need of breast feeding my child i did not have my bra inside the blouse and the milkman so had good view of by black nipple also. I noticed that prasun is also noticed that vivek was oglying on my breast but he had a mischievous smile on his face. I also noticed a bulge in the milkmans lungi. I got very much ashamed and covered my breast with the anchal.

Suddenly prasun told the milkman “vivek tera bhabhi ke doodh tere gai ke doodh se tasty hay” (your bhabis milk is tastier than your cows milk). I got stunned by hearing such words from my hubby. Vivek promptly responded “ kiu nehi hoga saab? Bahel ko to choochi dabane ke liye haath nehi hay” (because bulls don’t have hands to fondle with the boobs of a cow). They both laughed and i became red in shy and covered my face with my two hands. I was totally shocked by the conversation of my hubby with the dehati milkman. Suddenly my baby cried out and i ran inside the bed room. I was relieved for the time being. I took my baby in my lap but he went on crying. Then i bring out one breast to feed him. The power came back and the fans started again. I was feeding my baby standing below the fan to get my self cooled and without my knowledge my anchal is slipped down from my soulder. Then with severe shock i found that prasun was entering bedroom along with the milk man. He told in hindi “dekh mere chotese bete ne kaise mooh se doodh nikal raha hai” (look how my little baby extracting milk even with his tiny mouth), “tune to gai se bahut dudh nikala hoga bhabi se nikal sakta keya?”(you have milked many cows can you extract milk of my wife). That time i was totally spell bound and was not even trusting my eyes and ears. At that instance my fear even increase by noticing that my baby dozed off again. The milkman with a cunning smile in face told “saab dudh nikalu keya?”(shall i start milkiying bhabhy?). My hubby came quickly near me and taken my baby from me and kept him on the bed. To save myself i tried to put the anchal (end portion of the saree) back in proper place but my perverted hubby quickly pressed the anchal by his feet on the floor and told vivek “ tujhe mayne roka to nehi” (i do not restricted you for extracting milk from my wife’s breast). The milk man needs no further signal, he hurriedly cupped my open boob by his strong rough hand. He adjusted the nipple between the thumb and fore finger and pushed that boob strongly a small stream of milk came out of my nipple. He continued to fondling with the boob very roughly. I was trying to resist him but did not mach the power of that middle aged filthy doodhwala. Moreover, he also pulled out my other boob out of my unbuttoned blouse and started sucking it. Meanwhile i observed with horror that my hubby also got hard on inside his pajama by seeing his wife getting molested obscenely by a black middle aged uncultured milkman. Prasun even pulled my saree off at that time. I shouted on him “what are you doing?” He answered coolly “you will also enjoy it my darling”. I started crying and told pasun “don’t do this to me, i am your faithful wife” he answered smilingly “ i know darling, i never objected that”, “ i also love you very much” and then removed his pajama and started stroking his organ slowly. The milkman interchanged the position of his hand and mouth. After seeing prasuns cock the milkman removed his lungi and his hard iron like organ came out. I saw it with a panic that viveks dick is much larger and thicker than that of prasun. Prasun came near and removed my blouse completely and threw it away. The milkman with a swift movement of his finger untied the nada (rope) of my petticoat. I tried to resist him so that he could not open the petticoat but he over powered me and threw that also. At that point i became completely naked before two half naked men. They both exclaimed with shear excitement.

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