Thursday, 26 July 2012

Our First Swap Experience

We are a couple of age 41/38. We are rather a bit tall. I'm 5'9" and she is 5'8". We are from Kerala and settled in Dubai. We have been married for 15+ years and have found sex to be too monotonous. We had tried many different things to spice up our sex life, like porn, toys, fantasizing etc but nothing seemed to work after a the first couple of times and we started to have uncomfortable sex.
I always had a fantasy of swap but she was hell bent against it as she was from a very conservative family but after a few years of begging and cajoling she finally agreed to a soft swap. Now comes the issue of getting a good couple. I had tried a lot online through AFF, Passion, SDC etc in all these we found more of western couple who are more into hard than soft then came Desihunt where there were more singles than couples then by chance.
I found a link for a facebook page and started getting friends. We found a few couples and arranged to meet a few. The first one happened in a shopping mall, but my wife wasn't happy with the guy as he was too pushy on the first meet itself then after a few more, we found another Kerala couple, who were very likable and very understanding. We started ours in a very soft way and we went to their home one weekend.

Our kids had gone off to the home a friend of ours. We all sat together and chatted for some time and we moved off to separate bedrooms. The lady was around 5' and a little plump. She had boobs of 38D and as per my dreams it was very soft and shapely. We started to feel around and as it was my first one, I was all tensed up. She had already a few experience and was comfortable. I was in a T-shirt and cargo shorts and she was in a kurtha set.
I removed her top and saw the beautiful boobs I have ever seen. My wife is very slim with a figure of 34B/30/34. She has a hard body due to gym and swimming. But this lady had soft plumb features which was a great change. She took off my t shirt and shorts as soon as I finished taking off her top. She understood I was under great tension and started to take the initiative. This really made me feel comfortable then we started kissing each other and touching each other. 
I asked her what all she was ok with and she said anything other than anal. She started to play with my penis and I started to finger her boobs. She started to jack me and asked if I was ok with oral. I told her I had no objection to anything and always loved to eat a lady. She giggled and said then how do you plan to eat me with my pajama bottom on. I slowly removed her pajama bottom and found a cleanly shaved pussy.
She had delivered two kids, but as it was C section she had a night tight pussy. I have a penis of about 5.5-6" long, but very thick. She told me to start eating her pussy. I laid her on the bed and started to eat her from the top onwards. She loved getting her boobs mauled. She started to get excited when I bit down on her nipples. I licked, teased and mauled her boobs for some time and then moved down to her stomach.
I licked her stomach and started moving to her love hole. Already it had started to glisten with love juice and by the time I started licking her clit she was running a leak. I ate her for about 5-6 minutes. She then stopped me from doing it and said she wanted to suck me. She said she will not allow me to cum in her mouth nor will she do it for long, as she was not too much interested in oral. She likes to be fucked hard in her pussy rather than cum with oral sex.
I said I was ok, but I need to have some stimulation to get my penis up. It was still down and the tension of first time swapping wasn't doing it any better. She told me to relax and started her magic on me. She was very nimble in foreplay and took real care to arouse me. By the time she reached down, I was rock hard and she was really horny and wanted it in her. She asked me if I want to wear a condom. 
I said I won't mind it, but I loved the feel of skin on skin. She said OK, we can do bare back, as she had already done her operation to stop pregnancy. She got up on me and started putting it on. It was trying to put your penis in a very tight place. It was paining for me a bit and for her too. Then I placed a little spit on my penis and she again started to put it in. This time it slowly started to go in little by little.
Slowly she started to move up and down her husband had told me before that if she was in horny state then she will get on your top and fuck you so that she gets her pace to cum in our case she wasn't able to get the speed she wanted as it was paining for me and she was very considerate. I started pressing her boobs and she asked to bite her nipples and boobs really hard with every bite she started moaning and in a few minutes she was riding me like an express train.
She was leaking lubrication and my pre cum together made the process smooth now and I need to tell one thing, she is a real tigress once she is on full mood. She was just doing it so fast that I was scared I'll cum before her and ruin her happiness but anyway, she came in about five minutes and I was also able to cum in another minute as she came she started to bite me on my nipples and lick my body anywhere she could get after we both were spent.
We lay there for some minute my jizz started to leak out and she took some on her fingers and rubbed on her nipples and boobs. She looked and smiled at me and said she enjoyed it. I too said I too enjoyed and it and thanked for taking the initiative when I was tensed up then we got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. 
She was shy when I too went with her and started to blush. We took a bath I washed her pussy for her. It was a great experience then we sat together on the bed talking of everything and nothing. Her husband and my wife were still in the other bedroom and enjoying. I'll post her side in the second part.

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