Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Life Turn Into Sex Slave

Hi guys this Prausha and I am woman who wanted to be a doctor but becomes a slave or keep to the doctor. Sorry for poor grammar and spelling mistake let us back to the story. My status is 34-28-38, little boobs and big ass everyone in the street guys where looking at my ass when I am moving I am desirable babe everybody wants to fuck me at least once and our family is small.
I have two brothers two are elders than me, elder one is auto-driver another one is jobless so only my elder brother had been leading with his money back to the story one day my emcee results was released I got good rank in that but I have not good academic percentage. So I went for one of the top college closer from our town there is lot of students are coming that day.
I wear chudidar after a long time so clerk calling my name so I went inside. I saw a bold man with a little bold had and big tummy looking ugly, I went near him and gave my certificates to him. Turned my certificate he said I have no seat hear tears rolling from my eyes. So I requested so he looking at my boobs and I observe that and cover with my chunni and he said that only way to sleep with him.
I have return back with tears rolling from my eyes. I thinking what he said for one hour so I decide to sleep with him because of my family position after one hour I went to that interviewer and standing and he looking at me from top to bottom and I said I am agreed to his proposal. Who bastard can leave this opportunity to keep a girl like fair complex and good shape then he asked me some question for conformation

He: What is you bra size
Me: 34
He: Are you virgin
Me: yes
He : clearly anybody fuck you
Me: no one fuck me
He: ok you have to come my guest house in weekends and I will looking a house you will stay there.
Me: ok sir
He: signed on this paper ok sir while I bend for that he dragged to close him and ask me to bend more to see my boobs more so he irritated and said stop go and remove bra and panty in the bathroom so I did what he said by taking more time because this and my first time showing by boobs to a men and after backing from the bathroom he asked me to sign while.
I bend a little for that he again dragged towards him side so I have to bend more now he can see my bare boobs more. He gives me a evil smile and I smile back. He asked me leave the bra and panty for him and go to the home and come to the guest house this Saturday evening. I went to the house and I told to my family members that I got the seat in the college.
I should join tomorrow and back to the town and reported on the college that day evening I shifted new house which was arranged by that office and he gave a mobile and in two days I have to sleep with him and given me a particular beauty parlour address in the Saturday after completed college and I went to the beauty parlour removed my pubic hair and under arms hair as well and there giving a little touch-up now.
I went to my house for his call. He sent me a car for me and I ride the car after one hour I reached to his guest house. He welcomed me into the guest house while drinking and asked me to eat the meal, I refused to eat because it was made with non-veg but he prostate me to eat after complete the meal he eagerly wait for me and then he take me to the bed room and kissed me on my lips first.
I can’t respond then he forcefully thrust his tongue into my mouth after that he kissed on my fore head, cheeks, chin and neck and moving towards down on my Brest over the saree and novel I feel butterfly moving inside my smoke and I feel a small sounds coming from my mouth now he slowly remove my saree from my solders, pallu fall down on the ground now he see to my breast and press it hardly.
I screamed with pain by seeing my pain he press harshly continued after some time he removed my jacket and again press it over the bra I feel not pain too much I enjoyed this act by seeing this he unhook my bra and through it into side and my bare boobs are visible now he hold one boob and suck it and other press did for some time.
I couldn’t control press him against my boobs by him hair he can understand my intention and catch my saree edge and pull it in another five minutes I have only with petticoat and underwear and he hold the knot of the petticoat and pull in it fall down now I standing half naked in-front old man by boobs exposing I am flat tummy and he force fully through me to the bed and smell my cunt over the under ware.
I am already wet he slowly remove my under ware and press my bare cunt now I am too wet and press him after 10min he come to up and suck my boobs first left boob and press righty one vice-versa. He spread my lags as much as he can to access, place his cock to my virgin cunt line and give the little jerk it went two inches I screams in pain ahaaaaa stayed two minutes and give anther hard push gone ¾ of the cock stayed another five minutes
And give anther hard push he complete cock went inside than slowly remove his complete cock and re-inserted and quickly than earlier and he slowly do it sometimes and increase the speed first I cried in pain later I moaning he can understand and increase the speed and after 30minutes he got slower and giving hard strokes.
I cried and moaning I can understand he is ejaculating after another two strokes he collapsed on me I feel his warm liquid inside me in mean thirty minutes I got three orgasms after that he called me every weekend and fucked me indifferent position with his friends and also sent me brothel I will explained in next part.

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